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Fleckvieh Milk Old Fashioned

Always Milk, Always Fleckvieh

Farming with these beautiful animals is rewarding because of their health. Being a dual purpose animal (milk & beef), the Fleckvieh gain muscle to maintain health and when mature, the lactating cow has milking dairy abilities because of her German genetics. 

Healthy cows = no homorones used to get the cow pregnant, no antibiotics in the milk , strong feet and legs, long life last many years in the dairy barn. All these traits attribute to healthy milk produced. 

Cows give birth to start producing milk at 26 months of age. We give them a comfortable life living on a compost bed pack during their lactation. The have access to be milked in a robotic milking system at their pleasure 24 hrs a day and 7 days a week. When the Fleckvieh cows display natural heats, they are Artificially Inseminated with semen of proven sires from Germany. Cremona currently does the breeding and pregnancy testing. Two months of the year they get a rest or "cow holiday" (not producing milk) before they give birth to a calf again. Our barn herd average is 4 lactations or more because we breed for longevity. 


Primrose Farms; Ethically produced Fleckvieh Milk from our family farm without the use of Hormones, Antibiotics, Steroids, GMOs and Preservatives. 

Fleckvieh milk has higher protein, 30% higher CLA, and high elevate levels of Omega 6 & 3. 

Our Fleckvieh Milking Cows


Delivery to Calgary Heritage SW and Calgary Marlborough NE on 11/1/2017October 4th, 2017

Please have your orders made by the Monday prior to delivery day. Thank-you! Deliveries location; Calgary SW Heritage - 5:00-6:00 pm Calgary SE Marlborough - 7:00-8:

Delivery to SE 130AVE + SW Strathcona + NW Beacon Hill AND Airdrie on 10/25/2017October 4th, 2017

Please have your orders made by the Monday prior to delivery day. Thank-you! Deliveries location; SE Calgary SE 130 AVE 2:30-4:00pm SW Calgary SW Strathcona 6:00-7:00pm NW Cal

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